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Wednesday at 12pm ET/ 9am PT
Murder She Solved: True Crime takes viewers on a dramatic journey into the minds of female criminal investigators as they reveal the untold stories behind the capture of some of Canada's most notorious killers.

At the heart of each one-hour Murder She Solved episode is a high-profile Canadian murder full of twists, turns, dead ends and wild goose chases, and a female investigator whose role is pivotal in solving the case. Viewers witness the challenges, set backs and dramatic revelations these crime sleuths, and their teams, confront while piecing together complex homicide investigations.

The events of each case are told through in-depth interviews with the key female investigator along with other central members of the investigative team, the prosecution and the victim's family or friends. The series makes use of archival news footage, police video, 911 calls, real crime scene photos and impressionistic visuals to create tension and suspense while taking viewers back through the moments of the case.

Working closely with police across the nation, Murder She Solved is compelling documentary series that brings a voice to innocent victims and pays homage to the impressive work of law enforcement in bringing their killers to justice.]

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