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Monday & Thursday at 3:30pm ET/ 12:30pm PT
Healthy Gourmet’s passionate food pair, nutritionist Julie Daniluk and Chef Ezra Title wage the battle between taste and nutrition in a quest to create incredible meals for groups of friends who dine together.

In each episode, Julie and Ezra go head-to-head with not only one another, but also the demanding tastes and preferences of a variety of unique groups whose cooks are either slowly killing their friends with poorly prepared food or weighing them down with great tasting food that just isn’t good for them.

Our hosts bring their healthy epicurean enlightenment to diverse groups including fire fighters, dog sledders, dragon boat racers, a women’s football team and a group of magicians to name just a few.

Julie and Ezra’s battle between taste and nutrition strives to find the right balance between their preferences which in the end uncovers the secret to good eating.